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Trans Melbourne Gender Project Community Journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Trans Melbourne Gender Project

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Melbourne: Still Fierce! x-posted [Apr. 30th, 2011|10:03 pm]
Trans Melbourne Gender Project

Hi folks,

Just spreading the word re the newly formed Still Fierce Melbourne crew.




This is an introductory letter from Still Fierce! Melbourne, a newly formed collective of intersex, sex and/or gender diverse people and our allies and supporters. We are writing to you to say hi, and to let you know what projects and events we are working on and to invite you to participate in our collective or in our events, or both, or to voice our interest in networking with your organization!

Still Fierce Melbourne was formed a month or so ago, inspired by the work of Still Fierce Sydney, a similar collective. While we haven't fully established our manifesto we have established that we are an open collective, and that we are interested in working on political lobbing for ISGD rights at a national level, in creating stronger social and political networks for ISGD people and in doing consciousness raising work in the community about ISGD people and our experiences and issues. We have yet to establish the details of our relationship to Still fierce! Sydney, right now all that is in concrete is that we are using the same name and are supporting their list of demands for the rally in Canberra.

What is ISGD?

If you haven’t heard this acronym before, don’t worry, neither had most of us up to a year ago. It stands for Intersex, Sex and/or Gender Diverse. We decided as a group to use this new term instead
of transgender, transsexual, intersex, cross dressers etc etc because we are interested in moving away from the border wars that we have seen happen between different sex/gender diverse identity groups in the past, and to overcome the generational differences in what language people use
to describe themselves, and basically just to encompass all sex and gender diverse people when we are lobbying for rights, when we are talking about discrimination and when we are talking about our peers.

Here is a brief rundown of what we are working on right now:

The first major project we are working on is getting a 45 seater bus to take to a rally for ISGD rights in Canberra on the 11th of May. The tickets are on a sliding scale basis (starting from $20 to as much as each individual can afford). The bus will be leaving approximately around 1 am
on Friday morning and departing that evening after the rally and driving through the night to arrive back in Melbourne late that night. We will make the bus times public as soon as we know!

To confirm a seat on the bus or find out more information about the rally please email: stillfiercemelbourne@gmail.com

We have been meeting fortnightly but have yet to find a regular venue, so if you are interested in coming to our meetings (all welcome!) Email us at still-fierce-melbourne@googlegroups.com and we'll met you know the details!

We are very excited about networking with other trans/ ISGD groups in Melbourne and Victoria and learning more about what other groups are doing and exploring the possibilities of how we can work together!

We look forward to meeting you soon,

Much love,

Still Fierce Melbourne

To find out what’s going on and to stay in touch about events join the Facebook group:


Or to get involved in some of the behind the scenes stuff join the Still Fierce! Melbourne Google group:


Details about the national Intersex, Sex and/or Gender Diverse Rally:

This is a video about the rally in Canberra on May 4th 2011:


The rally is supported by Still Fierce Sydney, Still Fierce Melbourne, and Sex And Gender Education Australia, Australian Health and Education Centre, Australian Federal Greens Party, Australian Socialists Alliance, Femme Guild Sydney, Scarlet Alliance, Equal Love Canberra, Young Lawyers Human Rights Committee (NSW), CRAVE Metropolitan Community Church (Sydney), Community Action Against Homophobia (CAAH), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Student Union Queer Department [RUSU Queer Department], The University of Melbourne Student Union Queer Department [UMSU Queer],
WA Gender Project, The Seahorse Society of NSW, University of Sydney Queer Students, National Union of Students [NUS]

Still Fierce and Allied Organizations are calling on the federal and state Governments to implement the recommendations of the 2009 Australian Human Rights Commission’s Sex Files Report, review inequalities in the law for ISGD people and to outlaw unethical medical practices forced on intersex
Children. We invite other groups to join us in rallying for the rights of ISGD groups of people and we are open to suggestions for further addition to our demands.

We are calling for equal rights for ISGD People; our Memorandum of Demands

1/ Implementation of the AHRC Sex Files (2009) recommendations

2/ Legal protection against enforced medical treatment of ISGD children

3/ Federal antidiscrimination laws protecting all ISGD people

4/ Full Medicare funding for medical and psychological procedures needed by any ISGD people

5/ Full Marriage rights for ISGD People.

6/ Enshrinement of the right to establish ones’ own sex and/or gender identity in federal law.

For more info on the Sex Files Report:


<3 Stay Fierce! <3

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Melbourne: All The Lovers - x-posted [Oct. 28th, 2010|08:22 pm]
Trans Melbourne Gender Project

Join Zoe Belle Gender Centre on Friday 19 November for All the Lovers, a social event for lovers and significant others of trans folk. All are welcome, regardless of relationship status, sexuality or gender!

Polly Cocktail Bar - 401 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Australia
7pm for Lovers and/or Significant others. 9pm Trans* folk
All are welcome regardless of relationship status, sexuality or gender.

Please feel free to contact us at info@gendercentre.com if you have any questions.

NB: ZBGC would like to acknowledge that we were unable to locate a suitable fully accessible venue for the All the Lovers event after a number of great venues with fully accessible and gender neutral bathrooms have closed their doors over the last 12 months. Polly is accessible but the bathroom is regretably not. We have located the nearest fully accessible public toilet at the corner of Kerr and Smith Streets in Collingwood. However, Red Tongue Cafe (just down the road at 275 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy) have always in our experience allowed those who need to use the bathroom to use theirs, as they understand that fully accessible bathrooms are extremely lacking in the area. You can check out other accessible bathrooms in the area by visiting www.toilart.org.

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Informal TMGP dinner [Aug. 19th, 2010|10:54 am]
Trans Melbourne Gender Project
Hello all,

A few of us decided that we really enjoyed going to Tibas for dinner a while ago so we should repeat the experience! So, if you're free, come along:

Where: Tibas, 504 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
When: 6:30pm, Monday 23rd August
Info: Lots of vegetarian and some vegan options, cheap prices, venue not particularly good for accessibility.

Might see some of you there!
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NSW - Mardi Gras Parade - 27 Feb 2010 [Jan. 16th, 2010|12:13 pm]
Trans Melbourne Gender Project

[Current Mood |bitchyx-posted]

Drag kings and queens, crossdressers, transsexuals, genderqueers! Transgender people of all kinds!
Friends, family, partners, supporters!

Come march with us in the Mardi Gras parade. Come on, it`s heaps of fun!

We`re using the theme `The Transsexual Empire Strikes Back` because it`s bold and pro-trans and funny - you don`t actually have to be transsexual to join us (but if you hate transsexuals then you shouldn`t be in this group). A long time ago in a country far, far away, somebody wrote a book called "The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male" that said a lot of mean and silly things that we don`t agree with.

You could come as your most glamorous self, or wear a sci-fi costume, or come in drag (or even sci-fi drag?). The important thing is that you turn up, and if you turn up looking awesome, that`s even better.

If you`re coming to the parade and you don`t live in Sydney, book your accommodation as soon as possible. Like, now. If you leave it too late, it might be hard to find a place.

On the day, meet us near the War Memorial in Hyde Park. The nearest train stations are St James and Museum. Try to get there around 4pm. If you can't find us, call me on 0404905100. If you arrive late it will be very difficult for you to find us, and if you arrive very late we will not be able to get you into the parade at all.

Please RSVP by emailing me: baglieg at gmail dot com

or else via facebook, if you`re on facebook:

It looks like we're probably going to have more than 50 people. How exciting!

We're buying toy lightsabers for everybody, and there's a fee to enter a group into the Mardi Gras parade. To cover these costs, if you can afford to spare a little cash, I'd appreciate it if you either bring $10 with you on the day, or make a small donation to A Gender Agenda through their website. (If you can't afford it we understand)
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TMGP end of year picnic [Dec. 13th, 2009|09:37 pm]
Trans Melbourne Gender Project
I thought I’d post a reminder about the TMGP picnic, as it’s only a week away.

When: 2pm til we leave, Sunday 20th December.

Where: Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy North. Meet at the rotunda (near St Georges Rd), and we’ll find a nearby spot.

How to get there: The 112 tram stops very close by.

What to bring: Lunch, a drink, a picnic rug, a chair, a game, a guitar . . . whatever! It’s a very informal affair. (If you’d like to bring food to share please have an ingredients list handy for people with allergies and other dietary requirements!)

Who is welcome: You! Bring your friends, partners or family if you’d like (so long as they’re not horrible)!
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tmgp meeting [Nov. 15th, 2009|09:12 pm]
Trans Melbourne Gender Project
hi all, just a brief reminder that tmgp will be meeting tomorrow (monday) night at 6pm in the city library on flinders lane. hope to see you then!
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Meeting: Monday 20th @ 6pm [Jul. 15th, 2009|11:35 am]
Trans Melbourne Gender Project
Hi TMGPers and others,

This is a quick reminder that we have a TMGP meeting scheduled for this coming Monday, 20th July. As per usual, we will meet at 6pm at the City Library on Flinders Lane (Melbourne CBD).

To get to the meeting room, come in off Flinders Lane, go past the café, enter the main doors of the library, turn right and go up a few stairs (there is a lift available for those with mobility aids), then go left – the meeting room is on the right. There are wheelchair accessible and gender-neutral toilets at City Library.

I look forward to seeing people on Monday.

[Feel free to forward this to other people who might be interested in attending]
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nice shirts [Jun. 16th, 2009|09:13 am]
Trans Melbourne Gender Project
as some of you know, i am on a suit-buying quest! yesterday i was in the brotherhood op shop on brunswick rd (nr lygon st), and someone has donated a bunch of new dress shirts with french cuffs. the shirts are all a bit wide at the shoulders for me (and long at arm, but that can be fixed by a tailor), but i thought if anyone else was after shirts you might be able to sneak in there and find them.
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MELBOURNE: upstart alley VIII - Sat Feb 7th 09 - x-posted widely [Feb. 2nd, 2009|01:06 pm]
Trans Melbourne Gender Project

Upstart Alley VIII - Pervy performance, rocking music, seedy side show entertainment and debauchery for all you misfits, queers and trans folk!

Gasworks Theatre, Gasworks Arts Park
Corner Graham and Pickles Streets, Albert Park

Sat, February 7th, Bar opens 8.30pm, Show start 9pm

Tickets $13 concession or group bookings/full $20
Bookings: t: 9699 3253 or www. gasworks. org. au

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Melbourne (Australia): Upstart Alley VIII - Sat Feb 7th 09 - x-posted widely [Jan. 12th, 2009|11:35 am]
Trans Melbourne Gender Project

Hi folks,
Just spreading the word, its shaping up to be a good one!


Upstart Alley VIII Sat Feburary 7th 2009 - www.myspace.com/upstartalley

Pervy performance, rocking music, seedy side show entertainment and debauchery for all you misfits, queers and trans folk!

Topping off Gasworks’ Midsumma season the Upstart Alley troupe brings you another raucous performance party, teeming with dazzling displays of bent pervy performance, gender piracy and rocking tunes. Step right up for an action packed show from performers from near and far including Kelli Jean Drinkwater (Syd), Yumi Umiumare, Wes Snelling, Kaboobie (Adel), The Bad Father (Adel) and music from psychobilly rockers The Vaudevillains, DJ Linx and more!

Upstart Alley VIII boasts a grimy vaudeville style show featuring seedy side show entertainment and rocking live music. Belt yourselves into your seats to witness spectacular feats of gender defiance and glamorous rebellion by our outstanding and outlandish performers. Upstart Alley has been rockin Melbourne audiences for the last two years, jump starting thoughts and libidos. We refuse to force people into ill-fitting gender (or other) categories and create spaces where the whole range of identities bump and grind against each other and redefine and mess with the binaries that box us all in.

Upstart Alley VIII
Gasworks Theatre, Gasworks Arts Park
Corner Graham and Pickles Streets, Albert Park
Sat, February 7th, Bar opens 8.30pm, Show start 9pm
Tickets $13 concession or group bookings/full $20
Bookings: t: 9699 3253 or www.gasworks.org.au

Media Contact: Liz Alexander t: 0403 699 810: email address: upstartalley@yahoo.com.au
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